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The Next Chapter

Note: I was originally planning to publish this blog post months ago, however I got fairly busy and was unable to.


Some of you may have already noticed by now but, many changes are being made as we speak.

Firstly, AtomBB has been pushed off to in order to showcase the software more while the downloads have been limited more until, we figure out the new content delivery mechanism.

What does this mean for It means that much of the AtomBB related content on the forums will probably be archived for historical purposes.

Does this mean that is finished? No. Azareal Related Content aside, this site is home to many other projects like the Hadron Framework which powers AtomBB itself (well, it’s the framework for it and it’s digging deeper into AtomBB with each passing month) and the HadronCMS Project (Do we really need this? I might need to re-evaluate this project, as I might go for an alternative project instead of one in a saturated market) which has been largely stalled due to it being at a much lower priority, than everything else.

What’s happened to the AzaStudios Forums? It’s currently a little inactive, but I’ll be giving some attention to it soon.

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