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AtomBB Alpha One Tour

This new blog post is here to explain some of the various changes which has been made to the AtomBB Software between the Alpha One release and the pre-alpha tour which I posted earlier on in this blog to give you a general taste of what AtomBB could do.

Keep in mind that the AtomBB Forum Software is currently in alpha, so countless features which we plan to implement are currently not implemented in the software and the pre-alpha tour post wasn’t made that long ago. This means that there’s alot less to speak about than if we were comparing two alpha releases like alpha one and alpha two due to the short span of time that has passed.

Other changes to the AtomBB Software were much less visible like countless improvements to the Plugin API which should allow plugins to break much less frequently between releases unlike many of the existing software where plugins break so frequently between releases that they just tend to check a version string when checking whether a plugin is compatible with it.

[Reputation System]

New reputation system.

A screenshot showing the new reputation system which takes into account both the user who issued the reputation and the object which the reputation was applied to which trickles down to the the user who created the object in the form of the approval score.





[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Quote System]

Quote System

Another feature which was introduced between the pre-alpha tour and the actual first alpha itself was the quote system which currently behaves like you may expect however, we plan to expand the quote system in the future like loading data on the quoted item in order to give more context specific information like the user who originally posted the content.





[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Reputation System Upvoters]

More reputation system.

This is another screenshot which shows the new reputation system however, this one also shows the number of people who upvoted a specific post which helps to show the powerful system which associates these upvotes with specific posts as opposed to just simply incrementing the reputation count like in older forum software.

It’s also possible to list the specific users who upvoted the specific post however, this feature is not enabled by default as it is much more performance intensive than, simply counting the number of users who upvoted a post.


[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Topic Prefixes]

The topic prefix system.

While I’ve mentioned this feature on the forums before, the topic prefix system is a more standard feature among the various forum software, but it’s a fairly important feature with the current set of features including access control.

In the future, we also plan to add additional capabilities like possibly making the mark-up input field much more friendly and adding a field to define whether you need to be a local moderator in order to use that specific topic prefix (super moderators and above would automatically be allowed to use it when that setting is on).


[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Message Settings]

Message Settings

The Message Settings setting group is a setting group which was made available for editing which has gained a large number of settings related to controlling message related items.

This setting group adds a great degree of flexibility like the level modifier (lets you tweak the requirements for each contribution level), controlling the quality requirements for individual posts like word count and so forth.


[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Drop-down Topic Loading]

Drop-down topic loading.

One minor feature which I threw in as a way of quickly loading up five topics via AJAX by simply clicking on the drop-down option. This is a nice way of quickly checking the last few topics at the top of the list.

This is also a way to quickly peek at some topics with unread posts without having to manually go to the full topic list for that specific forum.


[AtomBB Alpha Tour: Topic Types]

All of the topic types on the topic list.

An image showing all three topic types which are normal topics, important (sticky / pinned ones) and announcements. With important topics, the only real bonus is that it appears higher on the topic list when you’re viewing a specific forum.

Announcements are similar to important topics as they are prioritised above even the important topics when it comes to viewing the topic list. The main difference (we have many things planned for the announcement topic type) is that the opening post in the topic will appear on all of the pages of the topic at the top.


This concludes the Alpha One Tour which is more of a status update and we hope to add a vast number of features in Alpha Two which should bring in many of the more luxury features along with completing the set of features which most people would automatically expect to have in most forum software.

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