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Social Stuffs and New Theme

As you have probably already noticed, this site has a new theme along with a new item on the navigation bar and a new widget as well to make certain tasks like logging in much quicker than going over to another page.

I installed a new plugin onto WordPress known as BuddyPress in order to add a quick way for users to communicate with each other which is merely intended as a convienience so, people don’t have to communicate with each other over the comments on the blog posts when they are discussing completely unrelated matters.

This has led to the top navigation bar of the site becoming awfully crowded due to the number of pages which BuddyPress added to the site which was averted by removing a number of links which are irrelevant to the site due to installing a seperate plugin which added a widget to the site where you can quickly register, login or reset your password without having to go to a seperate page to do it.

The problem with the widget is that it didn’t agree with the current theme so well so, it was slightly broken when it came to it’s tabs which led me to deciding that a new theme was warranted and so, I began on my journey to find a theme with all of the features which I needed which was hard along with requiring some compromises however, it led to the current theme which we now have which is playing quite well so far.

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