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Language System

The language system is one of the less important parts of the Framework as it doesn’t really have any system critical uses like the database system or very important uses like the template system which prevents mixing code with the mark-up to be sent to the end-user.
As such, it has a much lower priority than other items being developed for the Hadron Framework however, it does have a role in ensuring that other languages can be implemented much more easily than might otherwise be possible via the use of various language packs which someone could drop into a software which greatly simplifies the process of internationalisation which would historically require coming up with your own solution.

Template System

A proper template system with Regex callbacks will have to be implemented as it would allow for variable substitution, a highly simple form of boolean conditional statements and loading other templates to be parsed as well inside templates which helps to seperate code from the design while giving some of the power which PHP code has with branching paths.

Installation Systems

One important part of the Hadron Framework will be the installation systems as it would allow an event based system for those who may wish to accelerate the development of installation systems for software projects as opposed to having to manually create all of the installation logic and backend systems themselves.

As such, many components would have to be covered like a container object for the various installation system components, a language system, various events and a miniature template system which does what is required of it.

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