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I’ve started a new project known as the Hadron Framework as some of you may have already noticed from the new page which was added with it’s own little issue tracking system which if you don’t already know what a framework is.. Kinda like a library of sorts which you use to accelerate the development of new software projects.

You may be thinking why? Well, as you may know, I’ve been working on a content management system to use on this site as WordPress as a relatively simple CMS platform and I haven’t really found any alternatives which actually fit my needs thus, resorting to come up with a custom solution. As such, I needed atleast some sort of framework to work the backend of the software in order to streamline the development of it to speed it up and then, came to the realisation that I may also want to assemble other additions to the CMS in order to add more functionality to the site.

This led to a situation where I figured that I could also help the software development community somewhat by releasing it under an open source license which would also help to get in much more testing than may otherwise be possible and so, I decided to launch this new project which already has a tester hired onto the small team called SuperSajuuk.

You may know him from YouTube as a LPer who I frequently interact with or some projects which we’ve collaborated on in the past and it should be useful as it would get alot of early testing in to crunch many of the bugs without trying too much expansionalist work in the beginning which would distract heavily from the development of the framework.

The general objective is for a modular solution while trying to avoid MVC, there are many arguments for and against MVC but, the reason that I’ve made that call is that it takes quite abit of a learning curve to learn MVC which would make the framework much less approachable to new developers than, it may otherwise be.

If you’re interested in the project then, you may be able to generally follow the progress by checking in on the Hadron Framework page from time to time (you can find the link to it up in the navigation bar) which also has quite abit of relevant information to read up on including if you’re interested in helping out with the project.

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