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As you have probably already noticed from the new link in the header, I have opened up a new forum to serve as the discussion area for the AzaStudios site for all of you to discuss subjects like my channel or my projects although, I am open to a huge variety of topics as long as they are posted in the appropriate areas (we’ll probably move them, if you mistakenly post in the wrong place however so, it’s not the end of the world).

Why did I do this? The integration system which connected the private collaboration areas to the main site started getting more and more unstable especially, with extra load being added to it from new sites being opened up for my projects like AtomBB for instance which showed that I needed to come up with a new collaboration solution which would also double as a discussion area which while I initially wished to do in AtomBB.. I figured that I’d hold off on migrating the discussion area to AtomBB until, the beta phase is reached or at the very least, well into the alpha phase of development.

What did I go with? There were countless possible solutions ranging from more simple systems like Vanilla and Discourse (I’ve criticised this system countless times so, it was a quick one to be ruled out from use) to the dominant tools in the forum space which were MyBB, phpBB and SMF (with the paid ones being ruled out as they were insanely expensive) with phpBB feeling like a step backwards to use (it may get better when phpBB4 comes out however, that’s unlikely to be out for quite a while) while SMF lacked much of the functionality which I needed so, I settled with MyBB as it was fairly stable and almost everything which I needed (some of which had to be filled in with some plugins).

What does that mean for you? It means that there’s now a central hub in which you can discuss everything which may have been discussed on the blog or other matters which may not have fit anywhere on the main site due to the lack of a proper discussion area.

What about integration? As we all know, MyBB has TERRIBLE third part integration support. Simply terrible. One of the reasons why I’ll just migrate the forums over to AtomBB when it reaches some decent level of stability as it would be nice to have an interconnected site rather than millions of little silos for every potential area which I may create.

Feel free to discuss this on the forums and have fun.

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