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HadronCMS Available

HadronCMS has now reached a point where it’s functionality and somewhat stability has reached a point where I’ve decided that it’s time to start providing the sourcecode over SVN for people to test the software and for any future contributors other than myself who wish to assist me to be able to commit code in a co-operative fashion without tripping people over too much.

[HCMS Article List]

HadronCMS Article List

HadronCMS Article Editor

The Article Editor in the HadronCMS Panel.

HadronCMS Homepage

The frontend Index page in HadronCMS.

[HCMS Article View]

Viewing a HCMS Article.

Several images above to generally show HadronCMS as it is at the moment although, it’s probably going to drastically improve as time goes by.

The Assembla Space which is being used to host the SVN repository:

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