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Hadron Framework

What is it?

The Hadron Framework is a new open source project which is being undertaken by AzaStudios under the leadership of Azareal who leads the Hadron Team as it’s project manager and is intended to allow developers to speed up the development of new software while trying not to confuse developers with a high learning curve with concepts like MVC which many are unlikely to understand while keeping a fairly modularised layout.

You can generally follow the current progress on the project’s current issue tracker where many updates are likely to be posted and where areas to report bugs will be opened up for those who wish to report bugs in the system.


The Hadron Framework came about as a new project when Azareal looked at many existing frameworks and saw that many of them were highly MVC oriented which may be useful to large teams of experianced developers however, it is not very friendly to those who aren’t taking detailed courses in it.
As such, the Hadron Team was formed under the leadership of the project manager which would incorporate one developer and a few people who test it out to iron out bugs in the system in order to push it out as bug free as possible.

The Team

The team is currently fairly small but, that’s deliberate as an overexpansion of the team at such an early stage would be heavily disadvantageous to us and so, many requests to join the team are not guaranteed to go through into the team especially, those who we feel would not be appropriate.

  • Azareal – The Project Manager of the Hadron Framework Team and the main developer of it who makes the final call on all decisions who leads the project.
  • SuperSajuuk – A new team member who got recently accepted on the team in a role involving testing the framework which is important as we wish to make it as bug free as possible before releases.
  • Your name here – It could be your name here as you might be just what the team needs assuming that we determine that you would be a good addition to the team and whether we need your expertise at this time.

Interested in helping out?

As described above, we are currently not seeking any expertise in development as that is currently covered by the skillset of our project manager however, people who wish to test the software are free to contact the project manager about their interest in joining the project via the Contact Us page.

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