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Experimenting with Blender

I’ve been learning quite a bit about Blender via tutorials for a while although, my knowledge is still fairly lacking to construct anything beyond the basics although, I’ve made a fair bit of progress over the last week so, I will probably create something and throw it up on here sometime.

Ultimately, the objective is to make a game as I have a general storyline and other items of it in mind which would probably take quite a while to build.

There are alternatives other than Blender however, Blender is quite simply.. Completely free with no catches unlike some other game engines like Unity3D which appears somewhat free at first then, you stumble upon the “Pro” version which costs some absurd sum like $70 per month or something along those lines which adds many features and I’m not that confortable to be using a limited version of a software.

Another alternative was UDK although, I know far too little about it to be able to make a decision regarding it as I simply don’t know that much about that specific engine but, if it’s really good then,  might consider using it and the last option is simply building my own engine in C/C++ which would take an incredibly long time to achieve with great difficulty which makes that choice impractical.

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